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Proud Player Paul Janka Talks About Sluts On Tyra

Yesterday's Tyra was all about "true confessions of the male mind," and Tyra stacked the audience with dudes, including our (least) favorite confirmed bachelor Paul Janka. (You know, the guy who didn't date-rape Moe.) First, Janka talked about how sexual double standards are "earned" because it's difficult to be a player but easy to be a slut. (As a slut, I can tell you, it ain't easy being easy. But that's a whole 'nother post.) And when the men in the audience were asked to rise or stay seated in response to a question about men preferring Brazilian waxes on women, Janka, interestingly, stayed seated. Clip above.


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I just realized that I went to college with Julia Allison. My guy friends called her "Provocative Stretcher" b/c she would stand in front of the weight area in the gym and, well... stretch provocatively.