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Protests In Iran Persist; North Korea Continues Provocations

Illustration for article titled Protests In Iran Persist; North Korea Continues Provocations

It's the return of Crappy Hour! Today, the Washington Independent's Spencer "Attackerman" Ackerman rejoins me with an analysis of the situations in Iran, North Korea, and Afghanistan... plus a primer on why I should sleep with Jewish men.


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Megan, while I'm ecstatic to see the return of Crappy Hour, it's very, very disturbing to be confronted with the mental image of Edwards tugging one out at 7:30a.m. Won't you think of the West Coast readers?

I'm sorry, is every Republican with their panties in a bunch about us not getting involved in the Iranian situation straight-up stupid? Do they not get that if we get involved, it's the perfect excuse for Ahmedinejad to bring the extra crazy and decry everyone protesting as tools of the great Western devil before gassing the streets? I hate that they want help that we can't give, but the only way a new power in Iran will survive is if they come into it purely on their own, without our help. (The same goes for you, Ahmadinejad: we know you're importing Basij from out of Iran because they're speaking in ARABIC, numbnuts.)