Protests in Brazil After the Gang Rape of a Teenage Girl Was Mocked on Twitter

Protestors marched in Rio de Janiero on May 27, attempting to reach the Supreme Court before being pepper sprayed by the police. The protests were intended to denounce a “culture of rape” in the city that was most recently and horrifically illustrated by the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl.

CNN reports that a 38-second clip of the naked, unconscious girl was posted to Twitter last week. In it a man can be heard saying that “at least 30" men had had sex with her. On Monday, a raid on a favela in western Rio took place to carry out warrants, but police haven’t released how many suspects they are looking for and there are still no reported arrests.

In an incredible show of bravery and resilience, the victim came forward with her story. An affiliate of CNN spoke with the unnamed teen with her attorney present.

“If I have to wait for the justice system, they’ve already shown that nothing is going to happen... I am waiting for the justice of God. That might be late but it never fails.”

“I fell asleep and woke up in a completely different place, with a man under me, one on top of me and two holding me down, on my hands. Many people laughing at me, and I was drugged, out of it. Many people with guns, boys laughing and talking.”

“I knew there would be no justice, that I would be ashamed. In the first moment, I didn’t even want to tell my mom,” she said. “Now I am sure that if I was going through this alone it would be much worse.”

The lead investigator was removed from the case over the weekend after facing accusations of bias against the the victim. The case is now in the hands of social services and a unit committed to crimes against minors.

Image via AP.

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