Prostitute-Sexing Secret Service Agent Publicly Perved on Sarah Palin

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One of the supervising Secret Service agents who resigned under pressure after partaking of prostitutes during a trip to Colombia has been identified. And, predictably, the sort of guy who would cheat on his wife with a Colombian hooker is exactly the sort of guy who would post photos of himself checking out Sarah Palin's ass while he was supposed to be protecting her.

The Washington Post reports that the Facebook page of 48-year-old David Randall Chaney (nice serial killer name, bro), one of two senior supervisors who lost their jobs over their role in the Secret Service prostitution scandal, featured pictures of the married father on duty protecting Sarah Palin in 2009. In the comments beneath the photo, he further solidified his creepiness, commenting "I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?"

So far, Chaney and fellow supervisor Greg Stokes have lost their jobs over the hookersplosion, and three other Secret Service agents departed today. The Department of Defense has admitted that there were as many as 11 agents involved.


Sarah Palin has terrible ideas and is bad for America, but that doesn't mean that she deserves to be eyefucked by the sort of jackass who would hire a prostitute while on a work trip. But, here we are.

[Washington Post]

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So you post a picture of an agent looking at Sarah Palin's back at waist level. Wouldn't that be where he has to look to keep tabs on the people who are in the first row below the stage? I am not sure personally identifying the SS agents involved and perving their accounts is very classy. Unless the caption below the picture says 'Here's me checking out Sarah Palin's ass', posting the text you did is douchey. There is no greater fall one can take career-wise then to loose your job and forego your security clearance from a job as sought after as a SS post. A lot of people are going to be happy there are many fresh openings in the SS advance team.