After seven hours of closing arguments, the prosecutor in the Amanda Knox trial has rested his case, stating that he believes Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Rafael Sollecito, should both spend life in prison should they be convicted of murder.

Knox and Sollecito are accused of murdering Knox's roommate, Meredith Kercher, during what the prosecution claims was a drug-fueled sex game gone terribly wrong. A third suspect in the murder, Rudy Guede, has already been convicted of homicide and sexual assault and sentenced to 30 years in prison, though he is currently in the process of appealing. Knox has been painted by the prosecution as a jealous, hate-filled roommate who sought revenge of sorts on Kercher, backing up this characterization by presenting a knife they believe is the murder weapon; a knife that has Knox's DNA on the handle and Kircher's DNA on the blade.

Responding to the charges, Knox tearfully told the court that the prosecution's characterization of the night was "pure fantasy," and stating "Meredith was my friend, and I didn't hate her." Knox's family, meanwhile, remains optimistic, even going so far as to purchase a ticket home for Knox, so that she may rejoin them in Washington state should she be found innocent.

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