Prop H8 PR Firm Goes To Maine • Rabbit-Hoarder Hoards Again

Illustration for article titled Prop H8 PR Firm Goes To Maine • Rabbit-Hoarder Hoards Again

Opponents of gay marriage in Maine have hired the PR firm behind California's Proposition 8 to help them repeal gay marriage in their state.


• A bar owner in Spain is encouraging patrons to insult the staff because, "that way they won't let it out on their family." This bar will soon have the highest spit-to-beer ratio in all of Spain. • Apparently Weight Watchers now has a height limit, and 6'10" is over it. • We just basically want to put this whole item in italics: An Oregon woman who was arrested in 2006 for keeping 250 rabbits in her home, including 88 dead ones, has violated a probationary order to stay away from rabbits by keeping 13 of them in her hotel room. • Doing simple math in your head may stop you from impolitely staring at people with facial disfigurements — or from getting angry in stressful situations. • To preserve their fertility, one doctor says men should stay out of hot tubs, eat healthfully, and "avoid exercise that generates heat or trauma to the genital area." So, no cock pushups? • Danish men are working up to 40 hours of overtime every week, making them less available to their families and damaging the image of Northern Europe as a socialism-loving, maternity-and-paternity-leave-having, cold-yet-fuzzy paradise. • This article about parents calling each other "Mommy" and "Daddy" in the bedroom is kind of creepy all around, but the creepiest part is the 24-year-old non-dad who asks his girlfriend and his friends to call him Daddy. • A new technique called promession supercools dead bodies and then shatters them into tiny pieces for fully biodegradable burial. • Some Rhode Islanders are campaigning to close a loophole that makes prostitution legal in Rhode Island as long as it happens indoors. • A woman with ulcerative colitis writes poignantly of the decision some would-be mothers face between maintaining their health and getting pregnant. • A new Australian law aimed at eliminating homebirths will make it illegal for midwives to assist at them. But some fear women will try to give birth without a midwife, like birthing advocate Janet Fraser, whose baby died. • The Catholic Church has angered a British witches' coven by refusing to allow them to hold their "Witches' Ball" at a church social center. We smell a hex coming on! • In England, the daisies are apparently looking especially nice right now. • You can see a trailer for the movie Fame here, or at screenings of The Proposal. • Just in time for Father's Day, an emu has adopted a 20-year-old zookeeper as her dad.



They have a restaurant like that in Italy too. The waiters just insult you and you are encouraged to be an asshole back. My ex (Italian) thought it was hilarious. Me, not so much.