Proof Beyonce Was Never a Background Singer, Even When She Was One

Yo, Imma get off Beyonce's jock in a minute, but here's a video of Queen Bey you probably haven't ever seen. Thanks to the internet and Laura Beck (RIP*) over at Cosmo, though, you've got a rare glimpse of what a teen Bey looked like being FEATURED in the 90s.


The video is for Lil' O's song "Can't Stop" and features a pint-size Beyonce doing what she does best: stealing every goddamn scene she's in. She can't stop, she won't stop, and she is coming for you. (I don't know what any of that means to be honest. Sometimes I feel like when I'm writing about Beyonce my mind just turns into mush and I just write random words of praise so that the Beygency doesn't come for me, you feel?)

*Laura's not really dead. Only to me.

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I had a heart attack because when I clicked on the article, the first thing I saw was "Laura Beck (RIP)". AAAaaaaahhhh.