Project X Parties Are the Newest Trend in Teenagers Being Awful

Have you heard of Project X? It's the new movie that, much like the boombox and Natty Ice, has taken the teen world by storm. Loosely inspired by Corey Delaney, the Australian teen who gained fame after throwing a house party that, through social media promotion, attracted over 500 attendees, Project X follows an suburban teenager attempting to throw a massive rager while his parents are out of town (spoiler alert: he succeeds).

Unsurprisingly, America's youth are attempting to mimic the film by throwing their own Project X parties. In Florida, a teen attempted to throw one in a foreclosed home, but was arrested on burglary charges before the party could even happen (though it didn't stop guests from showing up en masse). In Texas, a Project X foam party (oy) turned deadly when police arrived and an attendee opened fire in the crowd. Such acts of violence, however, are doing nothing to deter people from throwing Project X parties— if anything, the danger is strengthening their lore.

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