'Project Runway' To Hell: These Fashion Designers Ain't Goin' Nowhere

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Shocking news, this: Reality TV stars? Sorta unhappy. Actually, make that really unhappy.! In a heart-wrenching "Where are they now?" moment, the new issue of New York magazine checks in with some of our favorite former Project Runway stars to see just what they're lives are made of now. Turns out, there not much of anywhere, other than Bittersville. In summary:

Jay McCarroll, Season 1:

You don't think I took the fucking bus to New York the day after I won the show, thinking someone was going to come up to me on the street and say, You're awesome, here's money? I thought that for two years. But I've given up on that....My hands have been creatively crippled for two years—all those fucking eyes on me, reading that I'm a waste on blogs.


Andrae Gonzalo, Season 2:

I tell everyone I'm not a star. I'm a brown dwarf... I was still working [as a waiter] while [the show] was airing. Boy, was that surreal. The guests were freaking out. They were like, 'I can't believe it's you! You have to take a picture!' He gestures to an imaginary plate. "And I was like, Uh, I have this tray.

Austin Scarlett, Season 1:

I felt so cheap and tawdry. They gave me $500 [to be on a reunion special], and I was like, Keep the money. It was just part of my confusion, grasping for the next thing.

Nick Verreos, Season 2:

In the supermarket, crossing the street, at a restaurant, it's, Whatareyoudoiiiiiiiiiing? Whatareyoudoiiiiiiiiiiing? And I know it comes from a wonderful place, but it feels like, 'Oh, poor you. Are you working?' To this day, I still rattle off a résumé. And then I realized: Nick, they're not judging you.


Santino Rice, Season 2:

I'll go some places, especially concerts, and I'll have 15-year-old girls jump on my back or grab my crotch. And I get into grown-up mode, like, Where the fuck are your parents?


Laura Bennett, Season 3:

What do you have to offer me?

The Near-Fame Experiment [NYMag]




I LOVED Malan. He was the best. He actually shows collections in NY now. Heart of an angel, that one. The accent and melodrama was perfection. Damn that ugly-brown-rusched dress.