It's official! Like Jesus and Neosporin, Tim Gunn heals all wounds.

On last night's premiere of Project Runway, we met many new characters. Like Johnny The Recovering Meth Addict, who was feeling hopeless and ready to quit. Tim Gunn fixed him up right quick!

We also met Ari, who's a little loopy.

Here's Ari doing a handstand:

When the contestants were given 30 minutes to sketch, Ari said, "What if we don't sketch?" Here's the look Epperson gave her at that moment:


While watching the episode last night (and furiously typing, for the liveblog), I was just enjoying being back in the PR world. Tim Gunn! Heidi Klum! Mood! But now, in the cold light of day (and now that the beer buzz has worn off) I realize that this first episode was actually very disjointed. Why take the contestants to the Emmys red carpet? Just because they could? It doesn't seem to have the WOW factor of taking them to the supermarket or the paper factory or whatever, as in previous challenges. And what does Lindsay Lohan have to do with the Emmys? Not a damn thing. In addition, LL didn't really add much as a guest judge.

Here's what Lindsay looked like when she liked something:


Here's what Lindsay looked liked when she didn't like something:

Here's what Lindsay looked like when she was unsure:


Here's Nina Garcia's face when that see-through toga nightie went by:

Here's what Heidi looked like through the whole runway show:


She's just happy to be there!

Of all the dresses on the runway, I really liked Irina's, even if it was a little safe, a little Carolina Herrera, a little Oscar de la Renta. It was gorgeous!


I also really liked Chrisopher's dress — a mix of girly and edgy, romantic and tough. Christopher won the first challenge, so this was the winning dress.

The losing dress? The "space suit from outer space" "disco soccerball" "halter diaper" made by loopy — but clearly, uh, creative! — Ari.


Bye Ari!

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