Project Runway Returns, With Lezebel!

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As you must know, tomorrow is the biggest, most important religious holiday of the year: The premiere of Project Runway Season 4. And it's been revealed that one of the models this season is a lesbian! Her name is Marie. She is from Katy, Texas. She is trained in classical ballet. And we have some fantastic fantasy story lines for her! Like what if:

  • Marie makes Nina Garcia realize she has secret, never-before explored Sapphic leanings. They start a not-so-discreet affair! Just like the fauxmance with Red Lobster dates Santino dreamed up for Tim Gunn and Andrae in Season 2.
  • Marie goes all Kim from America's Next Top Model and makes out with the other models in a limo on the way to a major fashion event! Impromptu challenge: Design complementary dresses for a girl-girl wedding!
  • The crazytown vibe of the show makes Marie wish she'd never taken up modeling, and she goes running back to the Joffrey School of Ballet. Suddenly, she's prima ballerina of the New York City Ballet. Design challenge: A tutu that's not too too much!

OK, we're insane. But OMG we're so excited that Project Runway starts tomorrow! And if you can think of a better fantasy storylines involving Marie the Lesbian Model — tell us!

'Project Runway' Employs Lesbian Model [Queerty]

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