Last night's episode of Project Runway featured special guest hottie Apolo Ohno, and the challenge involved creating a look for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Apparently, the Olympics mean different things to different people: Skorts, cocktail dresses, wide-legged pants, and, of course, leather. Jerrell's outfit featured a high-waisted skirt, blouse with jabot and a dotty sun hat. It made Nina Garcia throw up her hands and say, "I'm puzzled. I don't know what to say." Michael Kors giggled before saying, "In Yiddish, the word is 'meshuggener'. I mean, it's out there." Check out the clip, above, and then all of the ensembles from the runway, after the jump.

Leanne made red white and blue look like a chic tennis ensemble.

Stella keeps on squeaking by with variations on the same theme.

Kelli's outfit looks a little housewifey, but not in a bad way.


Blayne did something asymmetrical? Quelle surprise.

Kenley's dress. Plaid.


Suede's kicky little skirt is cute.

The judges liked Joe's ensemble, probably because it was the most realistic. Olympians would actually wear this, for better or for worse.


Keith's frothy little confection.


I would have been fine with Terri winning this challenge. The jacket is hot. And you gotta love the athletic/tuxedo stripe on the pants.

The judges did not like Daniel's dress, at all. "She's from the Republic of Cocktail Land?" questioned Michael Kors. By the way, the fabric was blue and not purple on my screen.


Somehow Jerrell was not kicked off for this carnival of ridiculousness.


Korto did a fantastic job. A deserved win.

Jennifer was auf'd. If the challenge had been "Modern Librarian," she might have had a chance. Project Runway Season 5 [Bravo]