'Project Runway' Models: More Brains Than Beauty

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File this under Totally Awesome. Project Runway has taken its supreme awesomeness to a whole new level this year: Included on the show's official site, instead of just bios on the designers and judges, there's also profiles of the models. And they're so like whoah! And they seem to, er, be written by the models themselves. Aside from model Amanda, who says she's from Arkansas and likes deer-hunting, the rest of the mannequins seem really busy trying to convince viewers not to hate them just because they're beautiful. These girls are, or at least claim themselves to be, real brainiacs (Masters degree alert!), which means things could get real interesting real fast. After the jump, we help introduce the potential model Mensa members:

Christina, 23, is so very the Yaya (of ANTM fame) of this bunch, and went to Tufts University. (I went to Tufts at the same time — why don't I know this girl? Time to hit Facebook!) She holds a dual BA in art history and psychology.


Katie, 18, is our bet for Most Likely To Become An Addict! She alludes to an addictive personality in her bio, what with her claims of "being able to laugh at herself" and her "excessive text messaging." We sorts hope she snaps, unable to tear herself away from her phone before a runway show. And that she gets bitch-slapped by Tim.

Cheron, 22, is clearly just an old-fashioned kind of girl. She claims to have done runway work for Armani (uh, then what is she doing on this show?), but says her main goal is "to get married back in Southern California.") What does this mean? Is she currently engaged? Or has she just fantasized her entire life about a big, over-the-top wedding in the O.C.?


Lea, 22, better get paired up with aforementioned crazy hippie Elisa, since she is schooled in and practices "herbal medicine homeopathy and reiki medicine." Also, she sings in the shower!

Lisa, 25, has a Master's degree. In psychology. Which she says "comes in handy in the fashion industry." Because she can silently judge everyone else that much better?

Marcia, 23, also went to Tufts and majored in Economics. What, do show producers recruit there or something?

Marie, 25, our beloved Lezebel ballerina? Also studying marine biology!

And then there is Wendi. She is 28-years old. That makes her so old in modeling-land. Like, she's too old to even be on Top Model. She says she has a degree in history, but is the only one to talk about having a degree in their bio who doesn't say where she went to school. What is Wendi hiding???


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Jenna Sauers

It's not impossible to be a model and be educated. There are certain institutional problems in the industry that make it difficult to continue an education, but not impossible.

I'm glad I went to college instead of going into modeling at 18 (and supremely glad I did not go to NYC when I was first scouted, at 14. I would not have handled it well). But once I had my degree in English and French — and had spent three years in Iowa obtaining it — all I wanted to do was travel. Modeling scratches that itch. It's a fun job — beats being a depressed waitress/freelancer/SAT tutor to the brats of the wealthy.

Besides, in the U.S., where women have plenty of life options and there are laws against taking a 14-year-old out of school just because some fashion editor wants her for an editorial yesterday, it's hardly surprising models would be on average older and more educated than models of Eastern European or South American origin.