The challenge on last night's episode of Project Runway was insane: The contestants had to design outfits for each other, inspired by musical genres. Kenley's genre was pop. Suede's? Punk. Korto's was country, Leanne's was hip hop, and Jerell's was rock and roll. In the workroom, Tim Gunn approached Kenley with his trademark diplomacy, saying, "Correct me. I'm an old fart." He was concerned about her "hip hop" ensemble. Kenley quickly became a defensive whiney bitch; Tim gave her the talking to we've all been waiting for. It was even more amusing when Jerell was all, "Kenley's ass is ridiculous," and totally agreed with her anytime she asked if anything was "hip hop." (So is a Beastie Boys track called "Sabotage"!) In any case, Kenley was also huffy with Nina Garcia on the runway, and seemed to blame everything besides her own shitty ideas and sewing for her icky high-waisted pants. Plus! She argued with guest judge LL Cool J. About hip hop. Clip above; all of the outfits from the runway after the jump.

Leanne designed this country look for Korto. Nina Garcia didn't love it. Michael Kors thought it was like "a woman going out to eat ribs."

Kenley said, "Being sexed up by Jerell is a little scary." But she looked amazing, when she kept her mouth shut! Coworker Jessica wrote an email to me: "So I was watching with my friend Leah tonight, and she freaked out because Jerrell said his outfit was like the 'budussy cat dolls.' Apparently in and around DC, budussy means a rank combination of butt, dick, and pussy, otherwise known as the 'after sex smell.' I think it got past the censors because they had no idea what it meant." Hahahaha, ew! Anyway, the judges loved this look. Nina Garcia said it was revealing without being trashy, and Michael Kors agreed that it was not "vulgar." Guest judge LL Cool J looked like he wanted to eat Kenley up with a spoon. I liked it without the blue vest but whatevs.


Here is the "hip hop" fiasco that Kenley created for Leanne. Kenley tried to say that hip hop is all about attitude, and Leanne didn't bring any to the runway, and that's why the outfit didn't work. Sure, sure.

Korto was the winner of the challenge with this punk look she designed for Suede. LL thought it was "authentic."


Suede made this "rock and roll" outfit for Jerell, which Nina thought was too safe. She's right: It's rock and roll, but like Lenny Kravitz on laundry day. Suede was auf'd, so we no longer have to hear Suede talk about Suede in the third person. Bye Suede! Project Runway Season 5 [Bravo]