The challenge on last night's episode of Project Runway was to create something for fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg. Of course, challenges are never easy or product placement-free, so Marlene Dietrich's 1948 film A Foreign Affair was involved. (The winning ensemble will be sold exclusively to American Express cardholders, since AmEx sponsors ProjRun. Didn't you catch the two AmEx commercials — featuring Diane von Furstenberg — and the same fabric Korto used on her dress — during the show?) Anyway. There were two themes in this episode, one of which was picking on Terri. Blayne said something about how he wasn't going to design "another pair of pants like somebody else does." Then he wiggled his eyebrows. Joe called Terri a "One-trick pony." Theme two involved Kenley's delicate psyche. She spent most of the challenge crying, only to act completely self-inflated and argumentative on the runway. Clip above; all of the ensembles after the jump.

Coming down the runway, I thought Blayne's knickers looked a little insayne.

Korto's pop of yellow: Divine. The judges approved. Diane von Furstenberg was eyeing it like she wanted to add it to her collection, for real.

Somehow this cobbled-together Frock De Fug™ didn't get Suede kicked off. Michael Kors was all, "Did she get dressed in the dark?" Notice how Suede does not speak of himself in the third person on the runway? Suede knows better.


Jerell loves jaunty little hats. Maybe he's inspired by the Summer 1986 International Male? In any case, this ensemble was a wee awkward, no?


Terri, Terri, Terri. I am rooting for you! Step it up! This was meh.

Here is Kenley's dress. The dress that drove her to tears! The dress she argued and fought for on the runway. Yawn.


Leanne was the winner of this challenge. She did a cutesy little spy thing in the workroom, and it wasn't even annoying. Her midnight blue gown is totally Dietrich — and the ruffles on the back are exquisite.


I hated, hated Joe's Shanghai surprise. The back was jacked up beyond belief. The good news is that it looked better on the runway than it did in the workroom, where the top was a belly shirt. Joe very nearly went home. I really thought he would.

It was Stella who was sent home. As CDFA prez Fern Mallis said, "Stella was not stellar." The best was when Stella was auf'd: She said, "My ego was way to big to be here anyway." Wait, what? Oh, well. She and Ratbones will live happily leather after. Project Runway Season 5 [Bravo]