Finally! A little drama, and a challenge that was an actual challenge: The designers had to create a garment from newspaper. Oh, and the recovering addict was sort of a mess.

There was trouble brewing with Johnny Meth's dress almost right away… He had visions of origami birds holding up the shoulders, but Nicholas, with his patented charm, said the gown looked like "wrinkled up paper with pig's blood all over it."

Then Tim Gunn got a look at Johnny's dress. Tim Gunn was woeful. He said: "I am woeful, Johnny." Tim also said: "It looks like a craft project gone awry." And "It looks like the birds attacked the dress." A tough critique. But to be honest, the dress wasn't finished, and I think Johnny should have just kept on going. But instead, he scrapped the dress and made up some lie about how a steamer, or an iron, destroyed it.

Then Johnny worked on a crossword puzzle for a while.

On the runway, Johnny showed some other dress he'd whipped up, which the judges did not like. Then he tried to act like his original dress was amazing and Dior-esque, which made Nicholas roll his eyes and giggle. Nicholas corrected Johnny, saying the dress "was a red mess." So Johnny called Nicholas a jerk. And this is pretty much all the drama this show is offering this season, so try to enjoy it.


Anyway. Highlights from the runway:

Logan's chic little number, with blue edges.


Epperson's kimono, stiff but kinda cool.

Christopher's feathery ballgown, which guest judge Eva Longoria seemed enchanted by.


Althea's strapless dress, which was really all about cool graphic design.


Irina's elegant coat, which guest judge Tommy Hilfiger gushed was Coco Chanel, YSL, Givenchy and some other stuff. Irina won the challenge.

Johnny's little paper dress was sad, and so we said auf Wiedersehen to Johnny.

Any last words, Johnny?

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