Last night's episode of Project Runway featured special guest star former contestant Chris March dressed like a disco Valkyrie. The challenge: To design a look for a drag queen. And the larger than life personalities took over! Annida Greenkard! Hedda Lettuce! Sherry Vine! The contestants had a $200 budget, and the ensembles were to raise money for Broadway Cares AIDS charity. Token straight guy Joe seemed flummoxed by his client, Varla Jean Merman, especially when she took off her bangs right in front of him. But he ended up turning out a dragtastic candy-pink sailor number that the judges loved, and special guest judge RuPaul found perfect for "hiding the candy." Clip above, and all of the ensembles from the runway, after the jump.

Suede's ensemble for Hedda Lettuce involved lots of drama, but hello, drag queens! The whole thing about his grandfather spreading seeds on the outfit and planting baby lettuce creeped me out, to be honest.

Kenley's Old Hollywood getup was Mae West-esque. Not terribly innovative, but befitting her client.


I am not a fan of Jerrell's color choices. This is the second time he has used putrid green and I find it nauseating. Poor LeMay looked puketastic.

Leanne's techno paper airplane thingie was okay, I guess. Whatevs.


The judges thought Keith's "wookie onsie" looked like a "sad chicken" or a "puzzle."

Stella does what Stella does best: Grommets.


Blayne's outfit made me sing, "Take… these broken wings… and learn to fly again, learn to live so free…"

I quite liked Korto's hot flash woman. Those sculptural flames are awesome.


You guys, Terri was robbed. ROBBED. I thought this was epic. Amazing. Mythic. Blade Runner meets Galliano. McQueen on acid. J'adore!

Joe was the winner of the challenge. Even though I liked Terri's outfit better, I did think Joe's client looked great and seemed super happy. Plus, there's a kind of beautiful irony in the straight guy winning the drag challenge. Congrats!


So long, Daniel. We'll miss you and your exquisite taste. Project Runway Season 5 [Bravo]