Last night on Project Runway: Home visits! There's something so real about the finalists introducing Tim Gunn to where they live and work, and who they love. (Let's not forget that, during season 1, this episode yielded one of the greatest moments in Project Runway history, when Jay McCarroll met Tim out in his lawn wielding a shotgun.) Anyway, much was learned. Christian: Lives in a little apartment; grew up in Baltimore; used to cut hair. Rami: Born in Jerusalem; mother died when he was young. Jillian: Has a Christmas stocking on her door; boyfriend is very proud of her; mother on Long Island relies on advice of psychics. Chris March: Missed Tim dearly; has friends who support Hillary and an unnatural love for rococo furnishings. In addition to getting background on his beloved designers, Tim perused everyone's collections. The lowdown: Rami's looked heavy, Christian's looked voluminous, Jillian's was too "muddy" and, well, Chris used human hair as trim. Clip above.


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