That's right, diamonds!

Christina Aguilera doesn't want to go to "that cavewoman place." She wants carats on her coochie, dammit!

But let's back up:


First, Christopher has to do his hair.

Okay so Bob Mackie, the "sultan of sequins," and Tim Gunn told the designers they had $300 and two days to create and "extravagant stage look" for Christina Aguilera.


Gordana was kind of stressed out, because her dress was falling apart as she made it. The perils of beading!

New mantra: "I just have to be Speedy Gonzales."

Christopher was working on some Lady Marmalade wackness and buttoned-up Tim Gunn had to tell him, "It should be super sexy slut." Dude. If Tim Gunn doesn't think your outfit is slutty enough, you are in trouble.


Tim thought that Shrin's dress looked like "Guinevere meets Vampira." Shirin was all, "You don't like anything about it?!?!" Tim said: "No." Uh-oh!

Meanwhile, Gordana was putting an old-world hex on her garment.

BREAKING: Irina is a bitch, according to the bitchiest person on the show.

My favorite erroneous statement of the episode: "A bustier and sparkle panties — you can't ask for anything more."


Do you see what I see?


Do you? (Click here if you don't know why this is noteworthy!)

Highlights of the runway:


Everyone liked Althea's gorgeous, hourglass-enhancing gown.

Nicolas' Ice Capades number was the one I thought Xtina would chose. Crotch-centric!


But Carol Hannah won the challenge, with an inky feathered and sequined black gown.


Christopher's outfit wasn't even as good as Lady Marmalade.

Besides, Christina wore a bikini bottom in that video — Mya rocked the boyshorts.


Alas, no one liked Shirin's scary witch costume. Shirin was Auf'd.

Any last words, Nina?

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