On last night's episode of Project Runway the contestants had $8,000 and 2 months to create a collection — and a wedding dress to represent that collection, which the judges used to decide who went to Bryant Park. Tim Gunn visited each designer: Korto in Little Rock, AR, where she treated him to some drumming; Leanne in Portland, where they went riding on a bicycle built for two; Jerell in L.A., where he talked about growing up in South Central; and Kenley in Brooklyn (she cried). Anyway, when the gang got back to NYC, there was still a three-against-one feeling, but it defrosted a little when Kenley poured booze for everyone. The designers were given a last-minute challenge: To design a bridesmaid dress to accompany the wedding dress. Results were mixed, though Kenley actually redeemed herself. She went from being snippy with Heidi Klum to telling her, "I love you!" Clip above; dresses after the jump.
Okay, so Bravo usually puts up posed photographs of each ensemble from the challenge for its Rate The Runway feature, but this time around, the network just used blurry video stills. What's up with that? Are they already over this show? It's not on Lifetime yet! And this is part one of the finale! Ugh. Anyway. Crappy pictures = not my fault.

Kenley's wedding dress was a frothy, feathered confection, but Michael Kors frowned and proclaimed that Alexander McQueen had already done it. Looking at this dress from McQueen's fall 2008 collection, it's obvious. Oh, and this one:

Anyway. Here's Kenley's bridesmaid dress:


Heidi Klum said it was "crazy good."

Leanne's wedding dress was weird and divine; she was inspired by the architecture of waves. Too bad you can't see shit in this picture! (Get a better look here). Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum all loved Leanne's dress.


Here's Leanne's bridesmaid dress, or what you can see of it.


Oh, Korto. This wedding dress was crazytown. Michael Kors called it overworked, I call it fugly. Sigh.

Korto's bridesmaid dress was grody too.


Here is Jerell's wedding dress. Michael Kors no likey. He thought it was "overwrought." I thought it was sort of a mess.

Heidi Klum called Jerell's bridesmaid dress "mumsy." In a crazy twist, Jerell, who'd actually won two recent challenges, was booted from the competition. As we all know, he showed at Bryant Park anyway, as a decoy. Click here if you want to see his show.
So yes, the final three are women: Leanne, Kenley and Korto. If you want, get a sneak peek of what you'll see next week: Project Runway Fashion Show: Leanne Project Runway Fashion Show: Kenley Project Runway Fashion Show: Korto Project Runway Season 5 [Bravo]