Dear fellow Project Runway obsessives: Are you watching today's marathon of Season 3 on Bravo? Well, hold on to your hats. According to the blog Blogging Project Runway, some of our favorite former Project Runway contestants are going to be showing their latest styles at New York Fashion Week in early September. [Will Tim, Nina, Heidi and Michael be there to lend a helping hand or well-thought-out insult? -Ed.] Here's the breakdown:

  • Laura Bennett — everyone's favorite Bad Mommy — is showing as part of the Met Life Charlie Brown-inspired fashion show. I anticipate she'll try to make Peppermint Patty go all femme and, oh, I don't know, put her in a black dress that hits at mid-calf and has a plunging v-neck. And then — wait for it! — she'll make a giant ruffly collar for Snoopy and get all pissy and defensive when the ruffles collapse when she transports the garment from the space where it was created to the show venue. Also, $10 says she blames Jeffrey Sebellia for pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown. September 7 at 6 pm, Bryant Park.
  • Alison Kelly — OMG how much did you love Alison? Like, so much, right? I still cry into my pillow at night that she was sent home during the garbage challenge for making her, in Tim Gunn's word, Zaftig model look, well, particularly doughy. She was so wronged in that episode: Vincent's model couldn't even walk in her dress! And it was ugly! Sure, Alison topped off her design with a Minnie Mouse bow made of human hair, but still... Anyway, I'm super excited to see what Alison has in store for us at Fashion Week. We think she has a very young and fresh and pretty eye. Apparently her collection is inspired by some sort of bullshit about like, China in the 1920's, blah blah blah. But I am 100% confident that whatever she does will be pretty and lovely and modern. If you want to attempt to crash, she'll be showing on September 6 at 12:30 pm at the Prince George Ballroom on 25th St.
  • Malan Breton — Oh Malan, Malan, Malan. That voice! That hair! That laugh! I'm sorry that Tara Connor didn't appreciate your tree trunk dress. But look what happened to her. I love you, you crazy bastard. September 12 at 1 pm, 110 W.19th St.
  • Keith Michael — Listen Keith, I always thought you were an arrogant prick. But I don't think you were a cheater. And I'm sad that you got called as such. Because you are mad talented. In fact, I think had you not been wrongly booted off, you would have made it to the final three. That dress you made out of, what, curtains? Fucking gorgeous. I'm a little worried, however, that showing in notoriously douchey nightclub Cain is not going to do much to help erase your bad-boy persona, but I'm optimistic that the clothes will be good. Please, for the love of Andrae Gonzalo, let the clothes be good. September 12 at 8:30 pm, 544 W. 27th St.

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