Project Ice Age

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Remember our old friend Wilma, the Neanderthal? You may have noticed that she preferred a more natural look in her National Geographic photoshoot, but like any newly-minted celebrity she had to take a trip down Project Runway's design challenge lane to score some new digs. The "Pop Omnivore" blog at National Geographic asked Blayne, Joe, and Terri from Season 5 and Jonathan from Season 3 to sketch up some new costumes using only materials available during her time (i.e., a lot of animal skins). The results? A Lion King: The Musical reject costume from Blayne and a Park Slope Mom sweater wrap from Joe, and those are the good ones. What does a Neanderthal have to do to get some nice clothes around here? [National Geographic]

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Nah, Jondalar preferred Ayla naked, the better to make the sexytime. Mmmm Jondalar - now there's a wholly mammoth worth thinking about!