Private School Grads Are Kinkier Than Public School Counterparts

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Recently the UK-based online sex shop Lovehoney conducted a survey regarding educational backgrounds (the level of education was not specified) and sex in adult life and the results were pretty interesting. It turns out, people who were educated in a private schools reported themselves to be less sexually confident, but more likely to have experimented with bondage—just over fifty percent of privately educated survey takers having participated in bondage. Also, private school grads were just plain hornier than the state-educated kids but reported fewer sexual partners.

According to a Lovehoney spokesperson:

"The survey shows that people's educational backgrounds can affect their sex lives in adult life…People tend to think that pupils from fee paying schools are more confident in life generally, but it seems they are not when it comes to sex. That could well be because they had less day-to-day interaction with the opposite sex as they were growing up in single sex schools."


While chalking lack of confidence up to same-sex education seems to make sense, the whole study spurs an interesting discussion about socioeconomic status, power, and sex. The fact that every other privately educated adult who took the survey has experimented in bondage (which doesn't necessarily mean sadomasochism) hints at something beyond the influence of the 50 Shades of Grey fads.

There could be a common theme regarding the interplay of power and control based on perceptions of sex and sex lifestyles. (Of course, given that a sex shop administered the survey, if the sample population is already in the habit of buying sex toys, the results would be pretty skewed to begin with.)

Or maybe we really can just blame EL James.

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I always assumed that British boarding schools were hotbeds of sexual dominance, cruelty and perversion. Even going back to Tom Brown's School Days, it seems that dominance by teachers and older students is typical.

The whole system of sending one's child away (before 15 or 16) seems immensely cold and cruel to me. Although, I do think boarding schools could have real value in the later teens.