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Princeton Mom Does Not Want the Good Princeton Name Near Sex Work

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The New York Princeton University alumni listserve got some hot Princeton Mom action Thursday, after an alum of the college sent out an email touting her new documentary on young women who have entered into sugar daddy relationships. But the mere fact that such women exist enraged Susan Patton aka Princeton Mom aka woman who thinks you should go to college to find a financially successful partner.

Parinda Waniwat sent the following email today:

Dear alumni,

I'm producing a documentary on sugar daddy-sugar baby dating in New York City:

The project tells the stories of 5 highly-educated, intelligent women (two of them are Princetonians'11) who have tried dating 'sugar daddies'. The documentary aims to de-stereotype and raise social awareness about this viable money-making option that is more common than most of us realize. Are transactional relationships necessarily bad/unethical?

I'm going to launch the project on Kickstarter in a week, but before I'm launching it to the public, I would love to hear any feedbacks on the trailer that I just finished. If the trailer intrigues you at all, please sign up on the site to be notified when the film is coming out.

Here's the trailer:

Can't wait to hear any thoughts you may have!


Guess who had some thoughts!

This is disgraceful. You're calling them sugar babies? They are prostitutes.

How awful that Princeton's name is attached to this.

Susan Patton '77, P10, P14

Patton's views did not come without criticism from her fellow Princetonians, some of whom have distanced themselves from her before. "Susan, you, of all people, have a problem with this? I mean, shit, you're the one telling us not to give away the milk for free while simultaneously harping on our youth and attractiveness to men as our primary assets in finding a husband who will (hopefully) support us (financially) for life," wrote one alum. "I swear, you can't write this stuff."


Listservs are the best.

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