Princess Diana's Most Famous Gowns Sell for $1.2 Million at Auction

Illustration for article titled Princess Dianas Most Famous Gowns Sell for $1.2 Million at Auction

The lady had taste, but it turns out anyone can buy her style. Or could buy her style — a handful of Princess Diana's most gorgeous gowns sold yesterday at a London auction for £800,000 pounds (or about $1.2 million). That's a lot of crushed velvet.


While most of Princess Di's dresses sold to museums and various collectors for about £108,000 ($163,090) each, the iconic Victor Edelstein gown she wore while catching disco fever with John Travolta at the 1985 State Dinner sold for £240,000 ($362,424) to an unidentified man who wanted to "cheer up his wife." And with that, we all broke up with our significant others, because WTF, where are our princess dresses?!


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I get the museums buying her dress, but the private collectors and that one dude baffle me. It seems weird to wear a famous dead lady (dead famous lady?)'s dress, but what else would you do with it? Do you just put it on a dress form and stick it in the living room? That seems weirder. Hang it in your closet? Then what's the point of spending all that money?

I will never understand rich people.