This 44-pound cat is Camden County, New Jersey's biggest stray this year, and just two pounds lighter than the biggest cat of all time. Shelter employees named the kitteh "Captain Chunk" but changed it to "Princess Chunky" when they found out it was female. C'mon, a lady cat can't be a captain? • The letter combo JEB is banned from Colorado license plates, because it's "short for Jezebel." Also forbidden are 260 other three-letter combinations, including WTF, HOE, PIG, and HAG. • Awesome, 80-year-old actress Estelle Parsons will outlive, outlift us all. • All that bad press about "living in sin" turns out to be wrong, sort of — women who live with just one man, then marry him, have lower rates of divorce than those who never shack up. •

• Also, couples who keep their "ratio of positive to negative interactions" around 5:1 are more likely to stay together happily. So think of your relationship as a shit sandwich with really fat bread. • In a survey by an Australian car magazine, only 15% of men said they were comfortable letting their wives or girlfriends drive. Nearly half said "they liked to point out serious flaws in their partners' driving skills"; hope they also like a swift left hook to the jaw. • If colored contacts aren't enough, try bizarre dangly things that hang off your eye. Sidenote: no one involved with this can spell 'jewelry' — not the website, not the jewelry designer himself. • New Hall College in Cambridge showcases only women's art, all donated by the artists. Most women artists applaud the collection, but Maggi Hambling scoffs that an artist's gender should matter as little as "whether their hair is red or green." • More brides are taking their cues from Star Jones and seeking corporate sponsors to help finance their weddings. • Starved for earthquake news? Then check out this interview with CalTech earthquake expert, beloved Los Angeles semi-celeb, and "lesbian icon" Kate Hutton.