The 23-year-old Princes of Funny Hats is on the job hunt according to Buckingham Palace, hoping to score a full-time gig in a tough employment market and lead as normal a life as someone who lives in a palace and receives state-sponsored police protection can hope.

If you're an employer who doesn't mind a little extra media attention take note of Beatrice's credentials: she graduated from Goldsmith's College in London with a super employable-sounding upper second (which is British for saying almost in the top tier of her class) in history and the history of ideas. A royal spokesperson said that the princess is searching for a job "in a field close to her heart," and that her parents, the Duke and Duchess of York, have given their slight nods of the chin in approval of their daughter's decision to make her own way in the world and not sit in her 4-bedroom flat at St. James's Palace deciding what outfit to wear to her next charity event.


Though we can as yet only speculate as to what kind of employment Beatrice will find, I'm sure there's at least a handful of promotional-minded milliners that will hire her. Here's hoping the next picture we see of the Princess Beatrice doesn't show her in a tattered, faded hat, trying to maintain her dignity as she waits in a depressingly long employment line with a gaggle of commoners. Can't you just hear her trying to reason with a jaded public paper-pusher at the employment office, insisting, "I used to be a princess, you know" while everyone else looks at the floor in embarrassment? So depressing.

Royal Princess Beatrice is job hunting [News AU]

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