Recent reports that Prince was treated for a drug overdose six days before his passing on the morning of April 21 have possibly shed light on the singer’s cause of death.

According to a post TMZ published on Thursday evening, the musician purportedly received medical treatment for a drug overdose, described as a “save shot,” during an emergency plane landing in Moline, Illinois. Members of Prince’s publicity team previously stated the landing and subsequent hospital visit were due to severe symptoms of the flu.


As per the New York Daily News, save shots “usually help combat opiates, such as heroin and narcotic painkillers, in the bloodstream.”

After a mere hours-long visit to the hospital, Prince supposedly left the premises against medical advice. Unnamed sources also reportedly told TMZ that the singer was “not doing well” prior to his passing.


As of now, medical examiners have not ruled an official cause of death.

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