Prince Harry's Naked Vegas Romp Included Hookers and Blow

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OMFG, Radar Online is reporting that nudity wasn't the only scandalous thing going on in Prince Harry's hotel suite last week: Apparently the party was really good, meaning: Full of prostitutes and cocaine.


"A really good friend of mine is a cocaine dealer and texted me from the hotel room while the party was happening and said, 'Guess where I am?!?'" a source tells Radar.


"Things got pretty crazy in Prince Harry's suite that night. Everyone was drinking and drugs were also being used by some people," an eyewitness who was present at Harry's party previously revealed to

"Some people were snorting cocaine… Some were already rolling on shrooms (hallucinogenic mushrooms) when they arrived at the party, and some were just high on weed. And that's exactly why no one there has come forward on the record…they don't want to be implicated for any illegal activities."

Here's the thing: Prostitution is legal in many parts of Nevada, Vegas is where you go to get fucked up, and if your mom died when you were a kid and you grew up encouraged to always act very reserved and proper, as the world was constantly taking pictures of you, you might want to spend a little bit of time in Sin City getting FUBAR. Also: When in Rome, right? What kind of cultural knowledge can one expect to come away with if you don't participate in local rituals and customs? Anyway: There's a reason they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And hookers and blow is nothing compared to beheading two of your 6 wives. But good luck explaining that to the Queen, Henry.



True, but if he were an international playboy partying on his private dime, no one would care. Having the British public pay for his shenanigans is pretty outrageous. A lot of public programs in Britain have had cuts and could really make use of the money that keeps Prince Harry safe and well-amused.