Prince Harry Is Into Green Juice Now

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Green juice, a fitness tracker, yoga, meditation, supplements, and no cigarettes: this is Prince Harry’s life now. Might as well work at a Bay Area tech company.


Vanity Fair has this little update from royal reporter Katie Nicholl on the doings of Harry, who is thriving in fine California form:

In addition to giving up drinking while Meghan is pregnant, the duke has apparently quit smoking, much to the relief of his family. He has lost weight as a result of a new exercise regimen, which involves at least two sessions a week at KX gym in Fulham. He wears a fitness tracker to make sure he is keeping up with his required quota of daily steps.

“Harry used to love lying in, but he’s up super early with Meghan and the first thing he says he does is a work out, then he has a green juice,” says the friend. “Meghan is definitely behind his new regimen. They both see a nutritionist and are into their supplements.”

His father, who has spent a lifetime being relentlessly mocked for being into exactly this type of thing, is thrilled; his friends are confused but happy for him, Nicholl reports. Look, turning them into Instagram influencers is definitely one way to make the monarchy modern.

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I kind of fucking hate the idea that only early risers are healthy or productive. Try as I might, my internal clock just cannot shift to an early bird setting, and I’m self employed because of that. Like it’s really great that he’s healthy and all now but it’s also kind of annoying because I live in LA and it’s hardly special. I’m just not into the dick measuring contest of who is the Most Well or the Most Productivte or the Most Meditatey. This isn’t anything to do with this article in particular, just my thoughts.