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Primetime Exposes the Dangers Of Satisfying Baby Lust With Monkeys

Angelle Sampey is a professional motorcycle drag racer. She holds several national records and has the most wins for any female in professional motor sports, but she's not in the news today because of her professional success. Nope, seven years ago Sampey wanted to have a baby, but because of her job she felt having a human child wasn't an option. So she decided to get a monkey. Sampey is featured on tonight's Primetime as part of a special on "monkids," domesticated monkeys being raised as children. In this Good Morning America preview we see how her "childhood dream of having a monkey" turned into a nightmare. "He is a wild monkey," she says. "He is never gonna be domesticated. And it took me seven years to realize that."


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Monkeys are actually expensive. I, um, well, uh, researched this a while ago and they cost like $11,000 and most reputable monkey dealers will make a home visit to ensure that you have the correct cage built with plants the monkeys are used to and trees for him to climb. So I just got a dog instead. I am much happier with that decision.