Primark Removes Rib-Flashing Mannequin After Social Media Scolding

Illustration for article titled Primark Removes Rib-Flashing Mannequin After Social Media Scolding

Another store has hurriedly rearranged its displays, after being caught using mannequins with ultra-slim waists and prominently displayed ribs.


The Guardian reports that U.K. discount chain Primark came in for criticism last week, after a shopper snapped and tweeted this photo, which as since been retweeted more than 2,000 times:

Primark quickly responded: "We're currently changing our window displays. The mannequins you describe will not be used in this way again." (Strangely they have not issued an apology for selling such a poorly-made top.) Of course, they could've avoided this if they'd paid attention to the example of La Perla, which weathered the exact same controversy back in February.

These mannequins aren't inherently objectionable. Lately there's been a trend toward more realism in mannequin design, and plenty of women do look like this. (And they've probably gotten crap for it, since you just can't win.) But as some have pointed out, it would be nice to see a wider array of body types, period. Rep for the ladies with concave bellies, but tip your hat to the wide-bottomed and the apple-shaped, as well. (Look at J.C. Penney's recent Manhattan display!) Otherwise you're just peddling an impossible standard that makes your customers feel like crap.

Either that, or just skip straight to aggressive avant-garde nuttiness.



I'm still baffled by mannequins with nipples. Very erect nipples.