Pride And Prejudice: The Comic Book

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Currently riding a wave of zombie-infested hype, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is given yet another form, thanks to Rita Award-winner Nancy Butler's comic adaptation of the novel, which was recently released by Marvel Comics.


"This project has been like a dream come true for me as a writer and as a former graphic designer," says Butler of the series, "not only am I adapting a book I love, I am doing it in the one forum, comics, where words and pictures carry equal weight." [Marvel]

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So, Jane Austen...I always feel like I have a chromosome missing when posts about her come up. I just...well, I just never got into her stuff. She's an excellent writer. But I just...well, I could never get into her novels. I so dearly tried, because I want to be one of you guys. And I wanted to fit in with the other brilliant folk in my english literature major, back in the day.

(But if we're talking about female novelists from way back when, I LOVE Charlotte Bronte. I could read Jane Eyre every day.)