President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

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It's a good morning for Barack Obama: He woke up early this morning to the news that he has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." [AP, NYT]

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Are people really so numbed by the last eight years of antagonistic American jingoism? Bush went out of his way to alienate every fuckin’ country he could find on the map then Cheney helped him find the rest.

I stand in awe of people who think Obama does not deserve this award. He inherited a shitstorm of a mess. You think he owns a damned magic wand to pass over everything and make it all better? "Oh, he didn’t do this or that or this and OMG we’re still at war!"

It’s been ten months. I bet every day he sits back, releases a good, long swear and thinks, "We need bigger shovels to shovel away all the shit."

I am clapping for Obama.

There, that’s much better!