President Obama Wears the Ugliest Effing Suit America Has Ever Seen

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President Obama is having a rough time— Isis beheading a journalist, Ferguson, Mo.'s shit show, Israel vs. Palestine, Russia invading the Ukraine, displaced immigrant children and bombing in Libya— but let’s talk about his suit. Yesterday, the POTUS wore a tan ensemble during a conference that was reportedly appalling. A crime against fashion!


To be fair, like morning show hosts, presidents shouldn’t be allowed to repeat outfits, especially ones they’ve already worn to Easter church service so appropriately back in April.


Repeating this outfit seems like Obama’s last grasp at summer, like me wearing that short dress earlier this week that might’ve made me look like a woman trying too hard. It’s so hard to tell, amirite Prez?

What is clear is that the Internet was not impressed with the POTUS’ sartorial selection.


From Esquire:

What is this monstrosity?

What is it even made of?

It sort of looks like a couch?

Why are the shoulders so big?

Why is everything so boxy and terrible?

Why did you choose that tie?

Don't you have other ties?

America is clearly upset.

But what I think we’re all really tired of is the Worst Fucking Summer Ever and if President Obama’s tan suit — which was also sort of worn by Prince Harry without incident — is a distraction from imprisoned children, headless reporters, warring countries and bombs from the sky, then so be it.


Photo Credit: AP Images.

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It's a summer suit! What don't people understand about that? He's not a goddamn funeral director.