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President Hillary's Plan To Unite Country: Bring Back The Sixties!

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Get ready America: President Hillary is really, truly an inevitability, and everyone else pretending like they have a shot in hell of winning in 2008 is just arm candy. The Dems believe it; the Republicans believe it; Mitt Romney went so far as to liken the charade that is a Republican primary to an episode of Law & Order, and then someone crashed Michelle Obama's car. John Edwards — yeah, as if we cared about Edwards once we'd made the joke about the cancer creating an untapped resource in the family haircare budget — but John Edwards got a blow from a union that was supposed to endorse him or something. So anyway, it's our first woman president! And in an exclusive interview in today's Washington Post, we get a taste of why. The woman won't express a single viewpoint on pretty much anything!


Okay, well: social security: she firmly states that she does is not convinced it's in crisis. (Honestly, no shit; who among you guys seriously looks at that FICA line on your pay stub and thinks, "That sure makes me feel secure.") But everything else: torture, the war, the right to nuke Iran: vague. It's all because she wants to bring the country back to the way it was when her father was verbally abusing her for her crappy grades. "I intend to win in November 2008, and then I intend to build a centrist coalition in this country that is like what I remember when I was growing up." Um, yeah: when black people went to different movie theaters and people built bomb shelters in their basements? When cheap plastic toys were still being made in Japan because the Chinese were too busy melting their pots in the backyard for steel? Good luck, lady!

Clinton Cites Lessons Of Partisanship [Washington Post]

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If you think that Hil is being vague, you really should take a listen to Obama. He's gotten a little better lately, but trying to find him saying anything concrete has been worse than looking for a needle in a haystack.