President-Elect Obama: The Partly Salty Patriot

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Someone alert Sarah Palin and other defenders of "real" America: As the Times reports, our elitist, arugula-eating next President is sweet on a longtime European favorite: salted caramels, which originated in — you guessed it — France.


"Someone high in Mr. Obama’s Washington State campaign operation turned him and his wife, Michelle, on to the pleasures," explains Times reporter Kim Severson, who had a field day this past fall with stories covering everything from food, politics, and the intersection of the two. (Five words: Sarah Palin and moose burgers.) "Before long, regular orders were being placed on behalf of the candidate. Reggie Love, his body man, made sure they were kept in plentiful supply, along with other Obama favorites like Nicorette gum and Planters Trail Mix."

Now, says Ms. Severson, thanks to his endorsement, Obama's preferred candy — made by a confectionery called Fran's in the liberal enclave of Seattle — "are now the company’s best sellers."


Apparently, famous and traitorous Midwestern minds think alike: On screenwriter Diablo Cody's blog yesterday, the Oscar-winner had the following sentiment to share with the world: "It's been a real honey of a year... we elected Obama (a great thing, in my estimation) [and] Starbucks introduced Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (or as I like to call it, 'Diabetes Semen Remix')."

Despite the fact that this sobriquet is more relevant to a certain former chief executive than the future one, White House physicians (and Ms. Severson) should consider themselves on notice.

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Dauphine Who Must Not Be Named

Didn't the French support the American revolution? If so, why all the hate?