Sandra Fluke, the young Georgetown Law student who has become the face of the pro-birth control mandate push, received quite a phone call before appearing on air with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell today: President Obama.

Fluke says that the President had some words of encouragement for her, and thanked her for speaking out on behalf of American women. In addition, he said her parents should be proud of her.

In addition from Presidential support, Fluke's University has defended her, calling Limbaugh's remarks misogynistic and Fluke "a model of civil discourse," even though it's Georgetown University's refusal to provide birth control coverage for its students that prompted Fluke to speak out in the first place.

Hooray for the President standing up for women, and hooray for Georgetown calling bullshit when they see it! But I can't believe that huffing turd Rush Limbaugh's sputterings have been granted such importance. I eagerly await the day when I can resume not thinking of him.