Illustration for article titled President Bush Still Controls Our Ovaries
  • Just a few hours after President Bush vetoed another bill in favor of stem-cell research, ABC News is reporting that women undergoing fertility treatments would be willing to donate their unused embryos to research if given the opportunity. [ABCNews]
  • In the shithole that is Iraq,
    there's been a significant rise of displaced women undergoing illegal abortions. [Salon]
  • Speaking of the Middle East, the public stoning of an Iranian woman accused of adultery has been delayed, perhaps (and hopefully) indefinitely. [Salon]
  • Proof that the rest of the Western world is often a lot more reasonable than the U.S.: In the U.K., government experts are recommending that all young girls be vaccinated against HPV... and there's nary a conservative uproar about it! [Guardian]

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