Presenter for Great British Bake Off Spinoff Can't Eat Cakes Due to Low-Carb Diet

Illustration for article titled Presenter for iGreat British Bake Off /iSpinoff Cant Eat Cakes Due to Low-Carb Diet

What is your vision of hell? My vision of hell is being selected as a presenter for a TV baking competition and being unable to taste the desserts because I’m stuck on a low-carb diet.

Bake Off: Crème de la Crème is an upcoming version of The Great British Bake Off designated for pros rather than passionate amateurs, and chef Tom Kerridge is hosting. However, the Daily Mail points out a previous interview Kerridge did with Radio Times, in which he reveals that he’s had to steer clear of the goodies amply available on the show.

You see, Kerridge has lost more than a hundred pounds in the last three years, thanks to a low-carb diet. So naturally he was asked how he tested the various confections. He replied: “I didn’t. I was very well behaved. I wasn’t a judge, they were the guys who had to judge it and eat it and test it. I worked really hard to not eat anything.”


Please, a round of applause for this man’s fortitude.

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The Noble Renard

The Great British Bakeoff is amazing. I’ve been binging it all week, watching Series 6. The only season on Netflix is PBS season 1, UK series 5, and the next season to come to Netflix will be PBS season 2, UK series 4 (weird, right?). So I’m watching all the ones around that so that I can binge on Netflix properly when the next season gets uploaded.