Presence Of Plus-Size Models Cause Consternation At London Fashion Week

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  • Oy. Vey. When Mark Fast chose to use three plus-size models in his Friday show, one staffer allegedly quit in protest and the stylist was so abusive to the models that she was fired; a Telegraph stylist stepped in. [Fashionista]
  • And it gets worse! Because some claimed that "the larger models were in need of supportive underwear beneath the tight dresses." [Guardian]
  • Ashley Dupre - otherwise known as the hooker who brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer - was not welcome at the Tommy Hilfiger store opening. [NY Post]
  • Gisele is getting her helicopter pilot's license. [TMZ]
  • She's also been named a United Nations Environment Programme Ambassador. Maybe that's why she needs the license? [New York]
  • And she's taking on the Brazilian government over Amazon deforestation! [AP]
  • Agyness Deyn is reportedly back on with Albert Hammond, Jr. Does this count as fashion news? [Daily Express]
  • Pringle of Scotland is remaking its trad tweeds image in time for London Fashion week. [Independent]
  • Burberry's pinning its economic hopes on Spring 2010, premiering tonight in London. [TimesUK]
  • A good sign: Mary-Kate and Ashley will reportedly be at the show. [Sassybella]
  • Celebrating a quarter century, London Fashion Week doesn't feel a day over 24: "London fashion has been iconoclastic and edgy for a quarter of a century, and the shows on the runways - from wacky 1980s revivals to whimsical romance - are bringing a gust of energy to a chastened fashion world." [NYT]
  • La Wintour agrees: "I love the spirit of London, it is such a place for original talent. I love the way they can makes clothes out of nothing, conjure up an atmosphere out of nothing. It's very special." [Telegraph]
  • Who needs nothing when you've got Naomi Campbell? "The supermodel took the Issa Spring/Summer 2010 show by storm, revealing the same flawless figure she debuted 20 years ago." [Daily Mail]
  • The word on Jimmy Choo for H&M: it's ok. [Racked]
  • Speaking of "democratic" collabs, Ruffian is designing for Anthropologie. [WWD]
  • Norma Kamali does them one better: she's designing for Wal-Mart. And eBay. On an iPhone. [WWD]
  • Which is nice for eBay, because they were just fined 80,000 euros for ripping off LVMH. [Reuters]
  • LVMH can use the money, because they may be investing in fashion It girls Rodarte. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Donna Karan is launching her own line of Spanx. Except they're not called Spanx, they're called Smoothies. [WWD]
  • Also in packaging news: Brian Reyes is designing condom wrappers, the proceeds of which go towards Planned Parenthood. [Sassybella]
  • This is clearly going to sell out instantly. "The YSL Edition New Vintage collection will comprise a numbered range of archival styles in various fabrics from the Paris firm's inventory." Okay, probably not to us. [WWD]
  • DVF talks about her husband's sexuality, which we thought was acknowledged to be gay, but whatever. "He doesn't know why (he never dated women.) He was very held and reserved. And with me it's like, shumm! [She mimes a door bursting open.] So I was flattered." [TimesUK]
  • Are we ready for The Real Kate Moss? Apparently a new documentary on her friend, celeb stylist James Brown (not the dead one) will show us "how funny and warm and caring she is." [WWD]
  • Twiggy: "I'm careful what I eat now as I'm older but I love food and I love cooking. I've definitely changed shape...When I was younger I weighed six and a half stone but ate like a horse. I'm now eight and a half stone and at last I have boobs – I never had those in the Sixties." [Daily Express]

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Jean De Nîmes

When they say "supportive underwear" do they mean something like spanx, or do they mean a bra? I don't really see what's wrong with latter. I'm generally uncomfortable when I'm bra less, so maybe that issue was taken into consideration for the curvier models? But then again, this is the fashion industry. I'm probably just being naive.

EDIT: Oh wait, I think I read that incorrectly, are they saying somebody threw a fit because someone thought it'd be more comfortable for the models to have "supportive underwear?" (Sorry, I'm obviously a little confused)