Prescription For High Pay: Work In A Pharmacy

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Women pharmacists have the highest median wage of all female workers, higher than doctors (number six) or computer scientists (number ten). Overall, women's earnings are about 80% of men's. [Forbes]

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"Women are flocking to the labor force in record numbers"

Really Forbes? Is this a new phenomenon? Wow WOMEN in the workforce? As opposed to before where women were staying home in record numbers?

Sorry, I just don't get that statement.

Can someone explain to me how this wage gap is determined? If I'm a nurse to they take ALL nurses and find the median wage between ALL of them or do they take nurses with the same number of years on the job and find a median between them and men with the same amount of time on the job?

If all women are being lumped in with women who choose to take time off [years perhaps] to have children wouldn't that skew the findings a bit?