Prep's Curtis Sittenfeld wrote this novel about how she imagined Laura Bush's life (it involves abortion and fucking dykes too!) and some of my friends have copies but they are bad friends because they lent them to other non-blogging friends before they lent them to me. Curtis has long had a girlcrush on Laura Bush, which I do not totally share but there has got to be a reason Jenna turned out kind of awesome and I think we can all agree it is not the guy who gave her all the appearance genes. Dowd digs it, but I'm most eager to hear from the crew over at WoWoW, since Noonan and co. will probably weigh in on whether Sittenfeld gets their generation "right," and for whatever reason I am really interested in generation gaps this week… [Wonkette]

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@Easybreezy: I also wasn't too terribly impressed with her previous works. I enjoyed Prep but then read Man of My Dreams and one of her short stories and realized she's a little too focused on intelligent and yet socially awkward & sexually frustrated plain janes. I wonder if she'll write Laura the same way. Is the first lady the socially awkward/sexually frustrated hero of intelligent Plain Jane's everywhere?