Preppy White Coed Just, Like, Doesn't Get Why People Get Sooo Offended on Halloween


Boston College’s Women’s Resource Center challenged its students to “Dress With Respect” this Halloween. 19-year-old Kristy Barnes figured the campaign “was just another feminist rant” and tried to ignore it, but her annoying peers were hellbent on having some sort of campus discourse regarding offensive costumes that make fun of other races and cutures. Ew! Fiiine, Kristy will tell you what she thinks. Writing in The Heights, BC’s independent student newspaper:

“I am a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant: a WASP. I played squash and rowed crew at my private boarding school, and was born and raised in a small New England town that still celebrates the victory of the French and Indian war. I am proud of the WASP culture that embraces the American Dream and celebrates education and success (not all WASPs are rich a-holes). Now if someone were to dress as a prep, a filthy-rich old man, or any other distortion of my ancestry, do I have a right to be mad? Do I get a poster? My first instinct is "hell no, that's ridiculous." But if WASPs don't get sensitivity toward their culture, why are we demanding other cultures do? Where do we draw the line? I understand there are lines that should not be crossed, but really-is a simple sombrero all that bad? Our society calls for sensitivity, but only certain amounts and to certain groups of people.”

Kristy’s not saying that she understands struggle because sometimes others dress up as “filthy-rich” preps…oh wait, JK, she is.

(Image via Vintage Living Magazine)

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