Prejean Losing Pulpit As Sex Tape Scandal Thickens

As more damning information comes out about Carrie Prejean's sex tape, conservatives who rushed to embrace her when she was a squeaky-clean gay-marriage-hater are pulling away.


The sex tape, which allegedly shows Prejean pleasuring herself, initially seemed like a potential PR boost for her book, Still Standing. But the book's Amazon sales rank of #4,786 isn't terribly impressive (though it's #34 in "political doctrines"), and new revelations about her past seem to have soured her relations with supporters. These revelations include not just the tape itself, but a TMZ interview with its alleged intended recipient. This "boyfriend," whom Prejean said she "loved about and cared about," says he only met her in person once, for a four-day stretch they spent in a hotel. He also says she made him at least fifteen sex tapes, all when she was over 18, and that she and her lawyers pressured him to say she was underage — presumably so the tapes would be considered child pornography and not released. Though the ex remains anonymous, it's still in his interest to claim he would never have sex with an underage girl, and it's probably wise to take all his words with a grain of salt. But for the Christian groups that used to back Prejean, they may be the last straw.

The National Organization of Marriage, which once defended Prejean with the words, "Hollywood will dance its tribal war dance over her body–the hatred generated against her has been extraordinary–but Carrie will be free to define her own mission and message from now on," has now removed its press releases in support of her from its website, along with the ad above. And lawyer Charles LiMandri, who works with NOM and used to represent Prejean, now says,

I figured I'd help out for a couple of weeks and that would be it. But the attention continued so I stayed involved. Now that the mediation is over and the case I represented her on is done, I probably will not be involved with her as her attorney in any action going forward.

He also downplays her involvement with NOM, for whom she once recorded robocalls, saying, "It was one day. Then people got angry, so she ended her involvement." Blogger Ed Brayton writes,

[...] God knows, and the public knows, and the NOM now knows, that Prejean is just another shallow, vapid Paris Hilton wannabe draping herself in the Bible while violating most of its precepts. She's the female equivalent of John Ensign, Mark Sanford, Newt Gingrich, David Vitter and innumerable others who place themselves on a moral pedestal while violating everything they claim to stand for as soon as the cameras are turned off (or in Prejean's case, turned on).


The sad thing about Prejean's fall from grace is that she didn't do anything wrong. If it's true that she was of age, her sex tapes weren't illegal, and unlike Mark Sanford, she didn't disappear from elected office to cheat on a partner. All she did was masturbate in front of her cell phone camera, and possibly have a fling in a hotel room with a guy who turned out to be indiscreet. That guy says, "Really, I mean if she was just herself and she'd just take the route of ‘Hey I just like to party and I like to have a great time and I'm hot,' hey, that sells too." It might have sold — but more importantly, it would have been honest. Instead, Prejean chose to stake her fame on judging other people's relationships. So while her sexual choices don't deserve condemnation, it's hard not to be a little gleeful that her punishment for hypocrisy is to be shunned by the very people she courted under false pretenses.

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Just wait, she's just setting herself up to be redeemed and/or saved by her church/personal savior/faith/belief that gay people are despicable and that she's a victim. I foresee a second book, television show and DVD series on overcoming adversity through prayer and a good PR team.