Pregnant Woman Rebuts Abortion Blogger, Makes Ultimate Sacrifice By Avoiding Starbucks For Baby

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Things seem to be tumbling along with our abortion blogging buddy at "What To Expect When You're Aborting." She told her dad, who was ultra-supportive, craves pickles, and is suffering from "swelly ouchy titties." Her surgical abortion is planned for this week, and I'm sure we'll hear a level-headed yet gallows humor-filled take on it. However, some commentators don't find our lil' abortion blogger so amusing. Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic published a letter from an irate reader who was scandalized when he originally linked to "What To Expect…" The letter-writer, who is pregnant herself, starts off by saying she can't understand why anyone would read this "garbage" and furthermore, the writer "can't imagine ever wanting to read the thoughts of a 24 year old on any subject."She goes on with drivel about hearing her baby's heartbeat for the first time, and takes the abortion blogger to task for her "disregard and disgust for pregnancy," and adds that the blogger "certainly does the abortion movement no favors." I don't understand the logic of that. Shouldn't a woman who has a "disregard and disgust" for pregnancy, well…not have a baby?? Does this letter-writer expect to shame the blogger into wanting to be a mother? Then the writer goes on to project her life and fantasies onto the blogger:

If I weren't so consumed with my desire to bitch slap her, I'd feel nothing but pity. I'd like to fast forward 10 years from now to a point where she might be expecting a baby that she desperately wants and is in love with the moment she holds that pregnancy test in her hands. Will she immediately be avoiding Starbucks and suddenly be drawn to organic versions of her favorite foods like I am?


First of all, I'm entertained by the letter writer's complete bourgie myopia! Because to her, being a pregnant woman is about OMGZ avoiding Starbucks and eating organic! Not, you know, frantically fearing that you're pregnant and don't even have the health insurance that a Starbucks employee is guaranteed. I bet this self-centered jerk doesn't give a hoot about the women who, according to ABC News, are taking off-label drugs or attempting to herbally induce abortions because they either can't afford to pay for a doctor-instituted abortion or are immigrants who don't even know that a medical abortion is a possibility. The woman ends her letter writing, "This little girl is doing herself no favors in documenting her thoughts at this time in her life. They will be there in all their shameful glory forever, and she will most certainly live to regret it." I think the only thing the abortion blogger would regret is having a baby she didn't want and couldn't provide for. I'd like to fast forward to fifteen or twenty years from now, when this letter writer's unborn baby is a teenage girl, who is pregnant and feels she can't talk to her mother about her options. Maybe this teenager will do some creative Googling and find some solace because she's not the only one with ouchy titties. My Abortion, Ctd. [The Atlantic] Some Worry Underground Abortions Are Still a Reality [ABC News] Earlier: Blogging An Abortion: "Precious, Silver-Tongued, Knocked Up 16 Year Olds Where Are You??"




I think it's more a matter of that this is blogging about HER experience with an abortion, not ALL experiences with abortion. Just like pregnancies are different for each woman, so are abortions. She's choosing a particular tone and point of view: her own.

Maybe it's not the tone everyone would use, but that's sort of the point. We have to start treating abortions as something women have, that women choose, that they want. And that each one is individual and that you are not actually required to feel any particular way about it. I hope it does make people uncomfortable and question and doubt. Because I think we've spent far too long in with the tyranny of "you WILL regret it". Many women don't and it's time they talked about it.