A pregnant woman in South Carolina was trying to lift a few things from a beauty supply store when one of the store's employees caught her red-handed. Rather than admit she was wrong and return the goods, Alexis Sade Hayes went on the attack. She hit the employee in the head with a can of hairspray she'd been intending to shoplift and then took off running, but not before dropping the purse that contained the stolen items. She was later caught and arrested—and also taken to the hospital for abdominal pain. She claims she was defending herself, but it's clear she was the aggressor. She could face assault charges.

When police arrived to the scene they found the employee bleeding from the head, so the hairspray can definitely did some damage. A more effective and less bloody approach might have been to temporarily distract the guy by spraying him in the face with hairspray instead—like a makeshift pepper spray. Then she could have gotten away with her desired items AND earned a clever nickname like the Sticky Fingers Bandit—but let's hope this incident convinces her she should give up shoplifting for good!


Cops: Pregnant Woman Armed With Hairspray Attacks Store Employee While Shoplifting [Consumerist]

Image via Borislav Toskov/Shutterstock.

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