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On Monday, five female Detroit police officers filed a suit against the city alleging that they were forced to go on sick leave when their bosses discovered they were pregnant. The women, who are being represented by the ACLU, are challenging a 2004 policy that states that pregnant women cannot be treated any differently than men who are hurt while off duty. One police officer in the suit complains that she was put on leave in March even though she worked a desk job and planned on being able to stay on the job until August. Other cities will sometimes let their pregnant officers stay on the squad but in a different capacity; in Los Angeles, for example, pregnant police officers are put on administrative detail if they cannot perform their duties elsewhere. [AP]


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The media has omitted from this story that the City of Detroit and its Police Department engages in this practice because of a prior binding arbitration award pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement with the police union concerning light duty and off-duty injuries for all Department members.