Pregnant Missbehave Editor Threatened By Artist, Alleged Advertiser

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(Updated) Two weeks ago, we posted about the demise of Missbehave and the shitstorm that swirled around founding editor Samantha Moeller's choice to be a stay at home mom. It's gotten worse.


Apparently, graffiti artist Claw Money and her husband have continued the internet war by hurling accusations and threatening to kick Moeller's expanding stomach.

For those who don't know, Claw is a self-described "legendary Graffiti Artist." In a post on Blogue, she addressed the business failure of Missbehave, in a biased — to say the least — way, feigning outrage over the way Moeller let her freelancers know about the site closing, and making veiled accusations of cocaine use, apparent privilege, and how the magazine "never really addressed anything particularly relevant to young women and girls." (A comment on this post also claims that Claw was an advertiser with the magazine.)

Yanking a few strings, her mini-mogul hubby, founder of the classic, but now defunct graffiti and lifestyle rag Mass Appeal, awarded her her very own magazine…Beyond tired street-wear editorial, bits on "How to Ménage", addiction justification blurbs, and clueless bastardizing stabs at new-agey post-fem empowerment like "In Defense of the Porno Blowjob", Missbehave, much like their emaciated demographic, had little to grab on to, other than their cutting edge cover personalities.

As Street Carnage reports, Moeller Tweeted about Claw's post, comparing it the one on Jezebel, saying, "Judging by article, can you guess who's husband I used to sleep with?" According to a post on Moeller's blog, The Hipster Mom, she dated Claw's husband for three years once upon a time, and that's where this hostility is stemming from.

Claw's husband then entered the comments of Blogue, under the name "Jesse James," and said, "And watch how you come out the side of your face with Claw, you know she don't wanna kick a bitch in the stomach on her first trimester - but believe me, she will." The threat has since been modified to the equally mature: "And watch how you come out the side of your face with Claw, or your corny husband might get bitch-slapped in front of your kid." He went on to threaten to release naked pictures of Moeller that he apparently has held onto for years:

Oh, by the way, I was feeling sentimental and dug up some interesting pics of the Hipster Mom recently. I think they'd be really cute wallet sized for Adrian, or maybe on the fridge next to shorty's artwork??? Hoe to a Housewife huh? You're still a hoe, just with a nanny and some stretch-marks.


OK, so a few things: first of all, beyond being fucked up, disgusting, and violent, why is this guy coming to his wife's defense by talking about naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend? Secondly, Claw's assertion that Moeller is privileged is outrageously hypocritical. I don't know of any typical, inner-city graffiti taggers who have started their own clothing and accessory lines. Just sayin'. Also, way to call someone out for "not being real" when you've made a career of co-opting another culture.

It almost seems as if this 40-year-old woman and her husband are trying so hard to appear youthful that they've actually become stupid kids. In her interest of "address[ing] what's relevant to young girls and women," Claw — and her spouse — come off as incredibly anti-woman, masking it as some distorted brand of feminism. Because in the end, what's important is not what choices we make, but that we are able to have choices period. I guess Claw made hers. As Gavin McInnes points out, "Everyone's for choice unless of course a woman chooses something remotely traditional or inherently natural. Now it's sexist to be a woman. Who knew? What's next, Girl Power hysterectomies?"


Update: Claw Money has sent us a response:

ok kids - here is the real skinny coming from the self described head bitch in charge. i have know samantha for 10 years or so - she used to beg me to work as one of my assistants and (for me) to take her to paint graffiti. at that time she was dating my NOW husband very seriously. he used to pay me a lot of attention and draw my name when he was bored. she got very angry because of this. sadly for her, i never hired her or took her out for a night of artistic mayhem. months later after their break up (she was already in a serious relationship with her NOW husband) I started to date Jesse. now she is extra mad. fast forward years later when Sam's husband let her take the reigns as a quasi fashion stylist for the magazine - she would pull my clothes from my showroom, h ave them messengered at my expense - just to spy on me and then tell the mag staff "we will never shooot claw for mass appeal!" hence doing the same thing over and over with her own publication. in fact her team are my fans and would tell me story after story of her inspecting my products with intense interest. and so when the missbehave went down, i wrote a post about a girl i never had any respect for. can we stop now? no!!!! she twittered about sleeping with my husband (i think it was a relationship) and he saw it and responded with some blog rage. please like all you bitches haven't gotten gangsta online.

claw one - a legend in my own mind.

cLAw MoNeY

Update: She emailed us again!

honestly - who cares? this is a real low for jezebel.
i am friends with moe and dodai - i can't believe this chick tracie is rabble rousing - for nothing.


And again!

your journalism sucks, just like you taste in friends.

Claudia, your grammar sucks, just like your taste in husbands.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Oh wow, is Claw fourteen years old? I'm aghast at how petty, immature, and vindictive she seems. I mean, sometimes I'd maybe act like her in my revenge fantasies when I was 16 and mad that some other girl TOTALLY WENT TO THE WINTER WEEK DANCE with this guy I liked even though she TOLD ME she didn't like him, but I'd always have the self respect and self awareness to never act them out.

Is this performance art? I mean, seriously? It's so over the top.