Pregnant And Smoking? You're Probably Depressed... Or Famous

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  • Catherine Zeta Jones is not alone! More than one in ten pregnant women smoke, reports the AP (via MSNBC), and research suggests that many of those women suffer from depression, making quitting even more difficult. A Columbia University epidemiologist, tracked more than 1,500 pregnant women, and "22 percent smoked at some point during pregnancy" with about 12 percent classified as nicotine-dependent. [MSNBC]
  • A bunch of spunky girl soccer stars urinated on the opposing team's synthetic soccer field. "I think it's unclassy," sniffed a rival. We think it smells like chicken soup! [Boston Herald]
  • A 5-foot tall woman was cleared of charges that she raped a 6-foot tall man, after he accused her of spiking his drink with roofies. We know she's innocent and all, but that giraffe print sweater is criminal. [Daily Mail]
  • Cuesta Benberry, a quilt historian an archivist who helped bring attention to the contributions of African-American woman to the craft, has died at the age of 83. No word yet if Anthropologie sends their regrets. [NY Times]
  • Two women and a man are charged with smuggling over 20 women and girls from Togo in West Africa and forcing them to work at hair-braiding salons in New Jersey. Oh shit, we had cornrows five years ago. [International Herald Tribune]
  • A controversial British Muslim playwright has turned the story of her mother's brutal honor killing into a play, which she hopes to also adapt into a feature film. In other news, we saw Grease this weekend and it was OMG Awesome! [Daily Mail]
  • Hilarious Molly Ivins, who died in January and was totally one of our heroes, is being honored in an NYC Memorial Service tomorrow. We're sure Shrub will be there in spirit. [NY Times]
  • A Harvard Medical student is fighting for the right to have additional time to pump her breast milk during the nine hour test she must take to get her degree. Are the examiners worried she's got a cheat sheet on the other side of her nursing bra or something? [NY Times]
  • Post menopausal women who drink two or more alcoholic beverages a day may double their chances of getting endometrial cancer. [Science Daily]

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major disaster

@ae38: Having never breastfed myself, I can only take other people's word for it. As for this:

how the hell did she manage to get a doctorate in neuroscience and, well, does anyone really want a doctor with ADHD performing brain surgery on them?

The doctorate in neuroscience really isn't something a learning disability would hinder - it's a few classes, and several years of research. In fact, research is probably well-suited for someone like her - the hours or long, but flexible (you can get in at 11 and work till night if you want - I even knew a guy who worked from 3 pm till late at night because after 3, he could park in the faculty parking lot), and there's lots of downtime while waiting for experiements to run.

Interestingly, the reason why no one could stand her in college was that she was one of those people who would ask eight billion questions during class. Since the classes I had with her were all huge lectures, it was incredibly disruptive because lectures weren't designed to be interactive, for the most part, and it often caused problems with the professors in terms of finishing all the material they'd planned. Plus, her questions usually went way beyond the scope of what was covered (thus wasting time), and she'd monopolize the professor's attention during breaks, preventing anyone else from talking to them.

Knowing now that she has learning disabilities, I'm willing to cut her a little slack, because it was probably far easier for her to learn from class and direct interaction with the professors (as opposed to reading textbooks), but if that's true, maybe she would have been better suited to attending a small school instead of a huge research university. I don't know.

Anyway, I don't think anyone has to worry about her doing brain surgery. The article says her residency is in pathology, which as I understand it mostly involves looking at biopsies and doing autopsies on dead people.